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InfinitySystems.comA fundamental bookmark for any interior designer, is home for a manufacturer of audio products for home and car, specializing in high performance and superior looks.

The site is very simple in its design and could really use more features to allow users to look for clients based on specific needs, like color or price range, but you can still browse them by category or line. The information on the products is really extensive, and encompasses specs, user manuals and even release notes with reviews by audio experts. For shoppers concerned about technology and quality of sound interested in learning about the technology of Infinity products, extensive literature can be read on the site, with a plus: while it’s highly technical in its scope, it’s very simple in its tone, so it’s suitable for inexpert audiences too. If you belong to this latter group and are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the information on the site, take a look at the glossary to find some handy help. And the products? Well, you can’t buy them directly from this site, but you can find a list of retailers who carry Infinity audio products for home or car needs, though unfortunately no information on online retailers.

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