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Incapable.meEverybody is incapable of something, and others are always able to cover that gap and make that incapacity disappear. That is the one thought that inspires this website: what is impossible for some people, will be possible for others.

And on the site, the distance between these two extremes is shortened as much as possible.

On anybody can post a problem, and others will try to come up with the best solution for it. It is worth noting that postings can deal with just anything – from personal issues to worldwide crises, it is all allowed. And just anybody can provide his insight – from high school students to scientists, the idea is to provide people from all over the specter with a ready chance to speak their minds. After all, every person always has a fresh and unique way to tackle a different problem. Who says a student can’t see the way a major crisis could be dealt with?

The site, then, is on the right path to become a true solution bank for human problems. If you would like to know more about it, just locate you browser at and see what others have already posted. Chances are your vantage point will let you see something that they have missed quite immediately. In Their Own Words

“The Solution Bank For Human Problems.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an open initiative that can have a positive impact both in personal and collective terms. And the site is really easy to use – solutions can be sorted by popularity, best, oldest, newest…

Some Questions About

How is the prestige of those who collaborate on the site gauged?

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