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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Doesn’t Work For All Businesses

inbound marketing fails

by Luke Peters


Despite of the popularity and growth of inbound marketing for businesses, business owners must be made aware that there are several myths related to it and there are several instances where inbound marketing has gone erroneously wrong.




Like outbound marketing, inbound marketing has its fare share of pros and cons and its failure or success largely depends on the nature of the business and the effectiveness of the marketing plan. Here are a few reasons why inbound marketing doesn’t work for every type of business.


1. Done is Better Than Perfect

Marketing although being a billion dollar industry in itself, depends on the trends in the market. The trends are highly dynamic in nature and are subject to constant changes. Several business owners fail to understand the idea that a finished task is better than a perfectly executed task. It is always a debated issue of what should be the ideal layout and color scheme of your website. Business owners must understand that a running website that is being used by several people is better than moping over the dark color scheme of the unpublished web pages.


2. Expectations Vs Reality

It is a common problem with most owners and CEOs to complain about how the campaigning wasn’t done the way they wanted. When hiring the services of a reputed external marketing agency, several owners want their content to be exactly like the way they pictured without appreciating the way the hired content creator has written it. Business owners often fail to understand the scalability of the agency’s input against their own.


3. Improper Level Setting

Business owners and CEOs often miss the important point when they confuse their industrial prowess with experience in the marketing field. Level setting is the first and foremost thing that should happen between an owner and the marketing agency as it is important for both the parties to understand and discuss ideas without interfering too much in other’s area of expertise. You might be the best producer of horseshoes but an experienced marketing agency will definitely know more about the market demand and target areas where the demand for your product is the highest.


4. Resistance To The Required Changes

Marketing, while being an important tool that bridges the gap between the customer and the business, isn’t the only requirement for reaching a high level of sales. Business owners are often more interested in how a marketing strategy will help them without considering the changes their business must undergo to attain the desired results. The quality of the service or product is the most important factor that affects the sales.


5. Too Much Interference

If you ask around, you might notice how many marketing agencies are ailed by the interference of the CEOs and business owners. It is extremely important to understand that marketing agencies and their methods of operation require a certain level of freedom and pushing your advice despite its poor viability and your poor expertise on marketing will only cause further losses for your business and hamper lead generation.


Inbound marketing is one of the most important methods of marketing that, if used wisely, can help your business reach new heights. Business owners must remember the above mentioned points while working with a marketing agency.


Luke Peters likes to spend his time reading about various topics like law, finance, marketing, and real estate. He is currently a contributor of a reputed Swiss marketing agency at He has also written several articles and blog posts on the respective topics and is a content contributor for several marketing, law, and finance related websites and blogs.


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