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Quick Information

Name of Startup: In The Pynk
Year Founded: 2021
Website: In-The-Pynk
Type of company: Clean beauty
HQ Location: Los Angeles

Startup Founders:

Oni:  Founder
-High-level company direction : Strategic and creative
-Raising investments and funds
-Negotiating partnerships
-New business opportunities
-Creating company standards/culture
-Managing company leaders
-Production management until we are able to higher a production manager

Sharon:  VP of marketing strategy and growth labs:
-Marketing and Sales Strategies across all channels: DTC, Social, B&M, B2B etc.
-Acquisition opportunities
– Marketing partnerships and growth opportunities “growth labs”

Alysha: Senior Director of Site Strategy/Product to Market
-High level strategy for site engagement, data utilized for benefit. Working directly between product(design) and marketing to plan strategic buys.
-Eventually a planner & data scientist would report into you

Will grow and pivot to something more creative over time focusing on ecomm

VP of UX/UI strategy:
-Working cross-functionally with product to market, design, and marketing.
-Working hand in hand with marketing to pin-point opportunities/trends within engagement and data and applying those within marketing campaigns, photoshoots etc. for best engagement.
-Applying creative strategies within both UX and UI for best user experience, easy shopping, visual stimulation and highest consumer engagement.

Kristin:  Senior Director of Product
-Responsible for ideation, QC, standardization and execution of product
-Negotiating terms, costs, and mins.
-New and exciting white space opportunities / innovation within product
-Sourcing / Seeking out sustainable product solutions
-Product, and consumer research
-Leading White Space Summits within the company

Startup one-liner:

Creating beauty products that are good for you and good for the world.

Problem the startup solves:

Most “clean” products actually have harmful chemicals in them.

Progress and current status:

Over the course of the past year we have:
* Built a team of 4 female partners across different business sectors.
* Began building our board of advisors.
* Built our business plan and pitch deck including a 5 year financial plan.
* Are currently interviewing Board Certified Dermatologists that are interested in partnering with our brand.
* Secured a sustainably led manufacturer.
* Found pro-bono legal representation for our production contracts etc.
* Completed and validated our product after many, many rounds of perfecting the formula, and product consistency.
* Wear tested and validated PH and coverage under several different environments including water, high-heat, physical activity and underneath makeup across 10 ranges of skin tones.
* Outlined the next 3 years of future multi-use verified clean products
* Outlined our website

We just launched our Kickstarter and plan on launching in 2023!

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

I once stayed on hold for 3 hours to talk with a manufacturer who wouldn’t take a meeting with us and now they are creating our product.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Ilia : They had great success in VC funding, and really strong branding/messaging.

The company in four years will be…

* In a large retailer like Target
* Profiting off of our DTC business
* The go-to brand for cool, on the go clean beauty

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