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In House Social Media Marketing – Trust In Your Team

Are you the Pinteresting twitterful facebookie needed to guide your firm into the social media dawning, or are you still having trouble attaching a photo from last Christmas to an e-mail for dear old Mom and Dad? In 2012 a survey showed that 48% of financial executives feel that social media will be a component of corporate marketing efforts going forward, and 53% of business executives see corporate social media use increasing over the next 12 months.


Well your company may just be looking to join the rest of the world in the social media whirlwind and here is how you might get trained, or may begin training your staff.

Businesses have two options when looking to join the social media world:

Hire an outside firm or help their own employees manage social media with in house social media marketing training.

Outside help loses the direct knowledge employees in the company have that can create a stronger network and buzz the company is looking for. So if you stick your own team, know who you are working with. Separating your employees into groups based on the understanding and abilities of social media platforms will quickly set everyone headed in the same direction, and your company into the marketing era of the 21st century.

There are the media gurus who should be treated as such.

These employees shouldn’t waste time in the seminars on simple social media proceedings, and an emphasis should be put on which social media platform should be utilized and how you want to reach out to customers for those savvy techies. Specific social media goals should be addressed, and made very evident how they should be expressed throughout the social media platforms.

Then there are the types who haven’t quite accessed the mainstream, whether it is from a stance against the new changes or the lack of knowledge to navigate, they should be approached with how social media can benefit the company. Some may be vaguely familiar with the platforms, and they should be guided down a path of that familiarity. Knowledge of the companies goals with the social media platforms can ease this transition and keep a focused task for those that may be bombarded with options.


There is a fine line of keeping personal social media use as a benefactor for the company instead of a negative draw. A clear policy of what is acceptable helps keep that line clear. This could be a detrimental part of social media in a business, and isn’t always taken seriously. 76% of companies don’t even have a clearly defined social media policy!


It is always important to keep a sharp eye out for how your company or business is being represented. Reputation-monitoring software can keep the negativity at a minimum which enhances the positive outlook of your social media output.
So if you keep everything in-house, which could show a payback quickly and efficiently, make sure, you keep everyone in their comfort zone. Social media can be daunting to some, a game to others, and even a lifestyle to some. Keep up with the evolving marketing world, and keep your team on point.


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