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ImThankfulFor.orgShowing others how grateful we are for the good that they have done to us is the key to a happier life. There is no need for us to believe in any particular religion to agree with that. Such a concept is one that we can all universally relate to. It is part of the human condition.

And having a site that lets us say what we are thankful for as directly as this one is nothing short of commendable. is a site in which people can share these things they are grateful for with the rest of the world. Users of the site are given 140 characters to explain exactly what it is that others have done for them (or that they feel life has bestowed upon them).

So, it can be said this website behaves a bit like a micro-blogging platform that is actually used for nothing but spreading positive messages around. Granted, the site could use a more refined interface, but it is difficult to criticize something that has been built with the sole aim of spreading goodwill among people. In Their Own Words

A social gratitude stream.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let just everybody realize there is a brighter side to life.

Some Questions About

What about letting you post images along with the messages you share?

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