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Imaginalaxy.comThere are a plethora of image hosting services, and the startup under review right now is an addition to that family. In this particular case, it aims to provide users with a more realized experience by letting them create an “image galaxy”.

Translated into English, this “image galaxy” is a sort of interactive collage surface where photographs can be placed and rotated at will. Visitors can then navigate these images as if they were traversing outer space, and jump from a galaxy of images to the next one effortlessly.

Of course, social features are fully taken into account. These include not only the option to share images on ever-popular sites like Facebook and your favorite forums, but also the option to edit pictures cooperatively. The latter functionality is actually implemented in real-time, and it adds a lot of value to the site.

An account is created in a very direct way, so that if you if you want to take an approach to image sharing that brings to mind the terrific song “I Am The Cosmos” (by Big Star, later covered by The Posies) this is your chance to do it. In Their Own Words

“ is a new way to share photos online. It offers free image hosting through an interactive Silverlight applet, as well as through a single page devoted to each image, photo, drawing, or screenshot. Images can be easily positions, rotated, resized, and z-ordered. The user can share their image to Facebook, Myspace, Live Spaces. Photos can also be shared via copy-paste of urls, BBCode, and HTML code suitable for blogs or forum posts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for a different way to host their images online will find it appealing, I guess.

Some Questions About

What features could be added to give the site further visibility?

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