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ILikeStuff.Com – Portland Surplus Merchandise

ILikeStuff.ComStuff is a retail store based in Portland, Oregon. This company buys, sells, and trades all kinds of used, surplus, and second hand merchandise.

The wide ranges of products you will be able to find at this company are directed to a large number of customers, no matter the age they are. From the beginning Stuff has strived to be the kind of place you could take your kids, or your grandma.

At the company you will find a very clean and organized place. In addition to this, the staff is very friendly and highly qualified.

If you get to buy any product at this company, they offer a 7-day money back guarantee on most of their merchandise.

In order to sell any article to Stuff, you just need to bring the item by, and one of the company’s buyers will check up the item and tell you the cash price right on the spot.

All the items you can sell, include all of the accessories, and if you which you can pick your auction form the store.

The site offers a map where you will be able to find the place where the store is located.


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