How to submit? – A Collection Of Information is a social networking you can use to share knowledge and media contents. You just need to enter this site and register for free. If you register on iLeonardo, you can build digital notebooks to collect links, online resources, and digital media to share with other social networking users.

In case you want to build an online digital notebook you can use to save and share information and online resources, enter this site. By registering on, you can share your information and files with your friends. Then, if you want to be part of this social networking and online knowledge library, feel free to stop by this site.

On you will learn everything about this social networking and its features. In case you want to share your knowledge with registered users and create an online media library, enter this site and become part of this social network. In Their Own Words

“iLeonardo is a Social Utility for connecting to people and their collections of relevant information on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is very good. If this takes off, it should put up a good fight against both Facebook and Wikipedia.

Some Questions About

Will people like the idea and adhere to the concept? Are there that many knowledgeable people willing to share out there?

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