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iheard.comLooking to find an specific radio station while surfing the net? Or are you curious to find new and very different radio stations? is a great place to find internet radio stations and simulcast FM and AM stations.

Simply go to the site an search for stations by genre, country or language. You can also look for stations by taking a peek at the most popular or recently played lists to get some ideas of what other stations people have enjoyed. plays radio stations on iTunes, Windows media player, and Realplayer. When you search for radio stations you can see which media playing software supports the station. You can also see its rating, how many stars the station has out of a total four. If you own a radio station that is not on you can join and promote your station and gain more listeners. Have fun searching through all different types of radio stations and finding your new favorite one. In Their Own Words

“ makes it easy for people to find their favorite internet radio stations by providing an easy to use search interface and directory with thousands of stations organized by genre, country and language.

We do not host or stream radio stations, we capture and store rich meta data about each station and connect listeners with stations around the world.

We work closely with station owners, helping them find new listeners through onsite advertisement, paid placement and promotion.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface and is neatly organized, which makes it easy to navigate. I am in Brazil at the moment without a radio so is a real find for me. I can easily browse through Brazilian radio stations and get a better idea of the music scene. The international selection is very impressive, there are radio stations for almost every country. Being able to search by genre, country and language makes it much easier for users to find what they are looking for or stumble across something new that really interests them.

Some Questions About

Some of the stations are only supported by one of the three listed media players. Would it be possible for to make all radio stations be supported by all three media players so that users can listen to the stations on the media player they have?

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