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iArtwork.netA 2564 KB freeware app, is a software tool that allows iTunes (versions 7.

4 and higher) users to complete their music collection by downloading cover art for CDs. The software is very easy to use, as when running it for the first time it checks the music library for music that has no artwork, and then checks the iTunes site for covers, and allows users to edit the options so than no hideous mismatches take place. The site’s design is quite detached, and other than some screenshots for the app and the download button, all users will be able to find is links to get mac and PC iTunes (from and .NET Framework 2.0, which the app needs for running on PC. In Their Own Words

“iArtwork is a simple tool to automatically get album artwork for your iTunes Library. iArtwork finds the original album cover for your music so your iTunes Library looks great in iTunes, iPod and iPhone”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The advantage of this app is that it allows users to have a complete and organized library for no trouble at all, as the app does everything you have been procrastinating so long, and downloads are of a standard format and size, which is something you’d definitely not get if you were to search the net for individual covert art.

Some Questions About

Unfortunately, users of iArtwork cannot use it to get cover artwork for videos, which is a bit of a shame, as the whole idea of using programs like iTunes is to be able to centralize the looks of media libraries. However, iArtwork has only recently been launched, so we can surely expect to have a videos section added, can’t we?

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