How to submit? – A Social Site For People On The Go“Business travellers have fast-paced and unpredictable schedules.” This is propounded on the IAmInTown website.

It is hard to disagree with that statement. These individuals are immersed in such a treadmill that it might be hard for them to get in touch with family and acquaintances even when they are in the same town.

This social network was created in order to address that situation. The idea is to make it simple for busy people to locate and connect with friends and colleagues in the most effective and streamlined way possible.

As a result, the website makes it possible for anybody to send invites for get-togethers of every kind, as well as posting their trip schedules and seeing who else is in town, and where he or she is staying.

Furthermore, a mobile version of the site can be readily accessed, and that makes more sense than ever if we bear in mind the public this network is aimed at.

As a conclusion, if the demands of your occupation leave you seemingly stranded in one hotel after the other, and you wish to maximize your spare time and meet with those that matter to you, this site is a safe bet. In Their Own Words

“Business travelers have fast-paced and unpredictable schedules. Flying, driving, and meeting with clients makes it hard to connect with friends, family and colleagues who may be close by. is about to change that. is a social-networking site for people on the go. This refined, efficient website will make it easy for busy people to locate and connect with friends and colleagues and arrange a place to meet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Business travellers everywhere are bound to relish the chance to connect with those they care about efficiently.

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