How to submit? – Mapping utilities, geographic related info

I-maps.comThis web site is an I-Map Data Systems. This means that I-Map provides you with mapping utilities that allows you to get geographically related information.

Among the information you can look for there is the Hotel Locator and Hotel Finder that displays a list of hotels from the state or city you have chosen. You will also have the chance to look at the hotel rates depending the period you are staying, that is that you will have to choose the arrival and departure date, and the system will provide you with the rate information. You will also be provided with brief information about the hotel, the amenities, and other useful information. The site provides you also with the Today’s Top Discounts, in the Hotel Locator section. Besides the digital mapping, there are other services that I-Map Data Systems provide such as data processing, geographic information systems (GIS) analysis and GIS programming projects.

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