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Huitalk.comHuitalk is a community of people learning languages and looking for a language exchange. Huitalk.

com enables languages learners to meet and network with other people with similar interests to practice their languages with, either in person or virtually through Skype, IM or email. There are also other features such as vocab builders, articles, forums and activities. All content is user driven. Huitalk gives you the ability to meet and practice your languages with people from around the world. You’ll find lots of other things which can help you too. Look for books recommended by people who have used them, read reviews of language schools before you go there and check out the articles for different insights on language learning. In Their Own Words

“It was a desire to make language learning easier for others that Ben and Neil chose to develop Huitalk. Ben hopes that the service and community that Huitalk develops and offers will be a great help to many people around the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Most of the world’s population is learning a language and increasingly they are too geographically distant to practice with natives frequently. bridges this divide and enables people to connect and learn.

Some Questions About

Do people really end up knowing a new language by using this site?

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