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HPGloe.comPresented by Hewlett Packard, Gloe is a social experiment that aims to see how far the interactions of location-based networks can be taken. Gloe lets mobile users find information that is suited to their location at any given time.

Gloe works by matching web content with the exact location of the user. In this way, a contextualized experience is always provided, and the user does not lose time narrowing the results of a search when he is already busy to begin with (remember, he is on the go).

Some of the uses Gloe can be put to include the discovery of local news and bargains as well as the sharing of geo-tagged pages with friends. Additionally, a platform like Gloe can be employed in order to carry out virtual tours or even geographic polls.

Finally, note that if you are a developer and you think that Gloe has potential then you might as well get you hands on the featured open API. This will let you integrate Gloe with any current mobile application of yours in a straightforward way. In Their Own Words

“HP Gloe is a geo-tagging experiment from HP Labs that maps Web content to specific geographic locations. Gloe aims to provide a platform for location-based discovery of information for mobile Web users, a rapidly growing audience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets people maximize the ways in which content is accessed since they come across only what matters when they are out and about.

Some Questions About

Which further uses could this be put to?

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