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Startup Success And Reality Show Stardom On The Shark Tank TV Show

The common questions on the minds of many entrepreneurs are, “Where can I get money for my startup?” and “What if it doesn’t work?” Often, these questions haunt young entrepreneurs and the “old hats” alike. Dropping out of traditional career paths and starting your own business can be a scary leap. But luckily crowdfunding and other funding options can help reduce the financial burden for many startups.




Where To Get Funding

Some startups use funding from their own pockets, these self-funded, bootstrapping companies often follow the lean startup model and they may bootstrap for years before seeking other funding. For startups unable to self-fund their dreams, they will generally need to find investors who will invest in their business. Crowdfunding like allow for investors to bid on ideas and or companies that they wish to fund. Not all funds on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites go to startups – the money also goes to help finance the dreams of artists, musicians, and other projects.



Another site that offers crowdfunding to startups and tech entrepreneurs is After the application process, investors get to know about you and your business idea through your photo, videos, and communication with them.


Crowdfunding can be a great way for people looking to find investors willing to invest in new startup companies. Of course these investors will likely want a small piece of your pie or some type of thank you gift or reward in return for their generous offerings.



Swimming With The Sharks

Self-funding, bootstrapping, venture capital, and crowdfunding not your cup of tea? Lo and behold… there is a slightly more… public way to go after funding for your startup. You can take your business idea to ABC’s reality series Shark Tank. This show includes five sharks (business execs and entrepreneurs) who are ready to invest in good business ideas.


Just don’t be surprised if the sharks tear you a new one and totally shoot down your idea. It IS, after all, television we’re talking about here. And “reality” television at that.



Eaten alive on the Shark Tank TV show? Back to the drawing boards you go. Though this is a reality television show, these five investors are also looking for a piece of the action.


Dare to swim with the sharks; you never know where it might lead you. If you are interested in Shark Tank auditions, send your info to David Polanzak at and be sure to send your name, age, contact info, a little about your idea and a photo of yourself. Season Four of Shark Tank began filming on June 30, 2012.


Will Shark Tank be your ticket to big leagues of startup stardom? Maybe. Either way, you’re already taking a risk with starting up a business of your own… why not go full force for startup success and reality show stardom?


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