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Startup Culture Win – Grow Your Staff’s Dreams, Not Just Your Own

In the gutsy and competitive world of startups hiring talented staff is essential, as entrepreneurs must achieve maximum efficiency from every resource they employ. Obviously, bidding for the best talent available within you budget is the first step in building an effective staff. However, once the players have been signed, the challenge of getting them to produce outstanding results begins. With innumerable other companies competing for the best talent, you must offer sufficiently engaging and rewarding opportunities to workers to ensure their loyalty and dedication to your business.




Worker productivity is the lynchpin in any successful business, and the greatest way to foster it is by creating and maintaining an inspired and harmonious workforce. While this is much more easily said than done, getting to know all of your employees is a crucial step in the right direction. Ideally, you’ll gain respect as a leader and use it to inspire those that have dedicated themselves to your company.


Let Your Product Do The Talking


As a startup founder and leader you have a particular vision upon which you have based your business.  This vision is unique to you and should be the foundation for any decisions made regarding the company’s development and progress.  Being able to clearly and passionately define and promote your goals for the company will give each worker a better idea of what will be expected of them as well as what they can expect in regards their personal growth with the company.



A business created around a particular innovation can be quite enticing to employees who dream of being on the ground floor of the next big sensation.  However, if the ultimate utility and potential growth of the company aren’t clearly articulated, those involved with the project may see your project as too much of a long shot, or too much like another company’s product or service.  Therefore, it’s important to convey your passion while being as detailed as possible about the direction you’ve envisioned.


Make Your Mark And Invest Yourself


While, in theory, any new company has a means of differentiating itself from its competitors, the product or service it provides may not necessarily be rooted in innovation.  For example, if the goal of your business is to provide a low-cost alternative for web hosting, more focus will be placed on analyzing market conditions than on research and development.  In such cases, you must find ways to engender the interest and dedication of workers by addressing the advantages of working for your company as opposed to the many others with whom you compete.



Establishing financial incentives and offering desirable working conditions are important, however the leader’s personal involvement with the team is what truly makes the difference in creating an environment in which employees are engaged and committed to the idea of shared success.  Even if you’re not blessed with the gift of gab, your sincerity and honesty with your workers will  speak louder than words.  Assuming you’ve built a workforce of aspiring professionals intent on personal growth, you must regularly take time to listen to their goals and dreams.  By doing so, you’re not only showing that you’re interested in helping them succeed, but you also stand to gain a better understanding about your employees’ strengths and how best to utilize them.


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Author : Don Bodie

Don Bodie has crafted his writing technique from a background in the performing arts, and enjoys covering the exciting world of startups. Drawing from experiences with various types of small businesses across the country, Don hopes to offer unique viewpoints and insight to his readers.

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