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Starting Your Business Overseas

If you plan on moving overseas, don’t forget to pack your Startup business proposals. Beginning your Startup business outside your respected country may become the new wave of the future. We can learn from David Urmann, David Sampson and Meryl Job how starting up overseas has worked to their advantage.



Where To Start Up


David Sampson chose to work with a team from Amsterdam on his company, Cloud Provider USA, while living in the US himself. Sampson noted that, “Amsterdam has brought us a very advanced pool of technical resources and additional redundancies around support that allow us to have better availability to our customers.”


David Urmann started his internet Touristlink company in India. David Urmannn points out that, “As the founder of an overseas business, you are going to be spending a lot of time wherever you start up.”


Learn The Culture


To successfully make a smooth transition into starting up oversees is to learn the customs and try to fit in. Your presence in a new area may attract so attention, good or bad. But that may help in the long run. People might be interested in helping foreigners just for the simple fact they are interested in who you are. You never know what partnerships may come out of people’s shear interest in you.


Moving overseas can be overwhelming and learning the infrastructure can be a long and hard process. Find a person who is native to the area to help you out. This can help you bypass all of the awkwardness due to the language barrier. Urmann noted, “I developed a close relationship with one of the initial employees I hired, who has now been working with me for a number of years and ended up being a great choice.”


Expanding Your Business


Meryl Job chose to locate her high-end fashion social market company in Paris, France. Videdressing seemed to fit snuggly in the fashion world of Paris. Job pushed her company beyond the borders of France and expanded to the U.S. Job is now having to plan accordingly, think about the cost and the supplies that will be needed to further advance her business in the new market.


It seems that starting up a Startup oversees can have a countless number of advantages. Take a chance, see the world, startup in the most exotic place of your dreams. Think about it, you dreamt of starting up a company, why not see your dream grow in a place you have dreamt of traveling to?


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Author : David Hopkins

David tries to feel the world through his five senses. Traveling to the beach is his way to get away from the big city. Poetry was his introduction to exploring writing as an art and not just something that has to be done. Finding his voice through words is very important to David.

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