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How To Get More Work Done In Less Time

In the life of an entrepreneur there are so many tasks you have to do that you probably won’t be doing the exact same thing twice. That’s why it’s important to be able to break down your tasks into more complex tasks that need your direct attention and ones that are simple to accomplish, which will allow you delegate that work to other people or third parties specialists.




Focus On What’s Important

You’ve set out your plan and set your goals.  Remember that they should be specific, measurable, and set within a realistic time frame. Now review your goals to see which are the ones that you need spend time on in order to propel your startup forward.



Also stay focused and keep a positive attitude. A positive attitude will help maintain a higher level energy and help maintain a healthy perspective on how things are going overall. Sure, up and downs are part of the startup process but maintaining a positive attitude will also help you think clearly and solve problems in a more efficient manner. It’s no coincidence that people who aren’t positive don’t seem to get as much accomplished.


Breaking Down and Prioritizing Tasks

Once you have a specific task, you have to decide on its complexity. A more complex task can be broken down into multiple parts and this is essential. Figuring out what needs to be done first is as important as figuring who needs to do what work. If you’ve got a trusted group of people whom you delegate work to, complete what falls under your direct responsibility and pass the ball to your team.


Breaking down complex tasks will help you see tasks in a more manageable way and it’ll help you move on to the next task sooner.



Prioritizing tasks means maintaining a list and putting the most important at the top. You have to be ruthless in your prioritizing with the understanding that there will always be things at the end of your list that simply won’t get done in a timely manner. Don’t worry because what needs to get done now, will definitely get done and done so in a timely manner.



With Twitter, email, and texts we’re easily distracted and we’re very used to living with a sense that we should check in on these digital sources often. By focusing on one thing a time and spending a designated amount of time on one single task at a time, you will dramatically increase your productivity. This should include closing chat windows and if possible, setting your phone to go directly to voicemail. This will not only increase how quickly you accomplish tasks, but it will also improve the quality of your work.



While you’re working on a single task, you’ll be tempted to begin another task or begin to think about other tasks because your list of what needs to be done is so long. It’s important to build the habit of only working on what’s in front of you. This discipline will serve you well as you start to get more complex tasks as your startup expands.


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Author : Sam Melon

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