How to submit?

How to Submit

Step 1: Join our community below to get started!

First, join the KillerStartups founder community. This is more than just getting featured on a site. This is a startup community! Thousands of startup founders are here to help you grow. See if you can lend a helping hand too!

Get started by signing up for the KillerStartups community here. 

Step 2: Submit details about your startup to our editorial team!

Provide details, such as the problem your startup solves, startup name, website, founders, startup inspiration, and more! Note: please answer all the questions! If you do not answer the questions, your submission will be denied. If you input a placeholder text (i.e. copy and pasted text), your submission will be denied.  Please, do not try to “game” our review system.

Step 3: Wait to be published!

Using the details you provided about your startup, our editorial team will create a Feature Article. The articles are published weekly, every Monday. If a corporate holiday is on Monday, articles are published on Tuesday.

The feature about your startup will be added to multiple spots in the KillerStartups ecosystem:

  • The Featured section on our publication.
  • The ‘Featured Startups’ section in our newsletter of thousands of startup founders.
  • The voting feature allows votes on your startup.

Step 4: Share your Feature and utilize it in your marketing!

Share it out on your company and personal social platforms
Brag a little to your followers and tell them about your new mention. Tag the author and publication too, and they may share it too. Encourage team members to reshare.

Add an “as seen on” bar to your website
This is a good way to humble brag about where your company has been mentioned. Grab the publication logos and showcase your favorites to build credibility and authority with your site visitors.

Link to it in your email signature
Show off your new mention by linking to it at the bottom of your email signature. Try: “Check out our most recent feature in ____!”

Utilize it in multiple aspects of the sales process
When emailing leads, use the mention as helpful content to answer questions. It could also come in handy to build credibility and inform perspective leads that receive email drip campaigns.

Write a preview of the article and post it to your blog
To get more eyes on your mention, write a short note about the article on your blog and then provide a link to the full article. You can also post a short snippet as long as you attribute it to the publication and link to the full article.