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How to Optimize Your Outreach Strategy

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More businesses are looking to function increasingly online in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen companies take to the world of online marketing in volumes never before seen. With an abundance of social channels in which to operate, it’s telling that decision-makers still covet email outreach. It is among their most treasured approaches to winning conversions. Email marketing may be one of the oldest ways of winning custom online, but the approach has formed a solid way of converting interest into decisive purchase decisions. Powered Templates can help.

optimize your output strategy

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As the data above shows, prior to the pandemic, no marketers believed a better lead-producing channel existed than email. 50% of surveyed respondents categorized the approach in their top three in terms of ROI. 

But creating an email approach that reliably wins leads can be a time-consuming process, particularly for companies that aim to instill a sense of value surrounding a brand in the form of newsletters, rather than simply emailing special offers intermittently. 

For small businesses in particular who are more likely to fall into administration in their first year, the challenge of building content that’s designed to engage users who have previously signed up to receive newsletters can be difficult to make time for, and without a dedicated marketing department, there’s no guarantee that the final product will resonate with the desired audience. 

Fortunately for businesses, it’s possible to access a wide variety of pre-designed newsletter templates. They provide a comprehensive and alluring layout for readers. This is while dedicating plenty of space and opportunity for companies to add the information that they want. Without spoiling the pagination or layout. 

Through this business, users can gain access to a suite of some 2,382 newsletter templates – all of which feature different styles from various expert designers to suit an array of brands operating throughout many different industries. As a result, any endeavor has the power to deliver well-produced and engaging newsletters to its audience and win more conversions. 

Finding a Winning Newsletter Template

Businesses can access a wide range of newsletter templates through the platform’s Graphic Templates section.

As we can see from the filters available, it’s possible for businesses to also use them for brochures, business cards, and plenty more content. 

The great thing about the website is that each option features a live rating system whereby users can rate their downloads out of five stars. 

newsletter template

As we explore the menus further, we can see that there’s a range of categories that can help users to filter the many options available. Furthermore, it’s possible to filter between premium-quality templates and free-to-use options. To tell whether a template is free or a premium download, a red thumbnail appears on the bottom-left corner of the option depicting a crown. 

newsletter template 2

Let’s take a look at one of the newsletter templates available. Then, explore how Powered Template helps users to understand which option could be ideal for their needs. Above, we can see the Colored Lines Newsletter Template. Immediately, it’s possible to see that the template has gathered a respectable 4.5 star rating out of five. This is across 188 reviews, while accumulating a total of 435 downloads at the time of writing.

We can also see that the file format is entirely compatible with formats like Microsoft Publisher and Word, Adobe’s InDesign and Illustrator, as well as CoralDraw and QuarkXPress. 

microsoft newsletter template

For businesses intent on creating consistent themes, it’s possible to check out the matching design sets available from the creator. All of which are 100% editable and available for download. 

This can be particularly useful for businesses looking to create a familiar theme throughout their materials and outreach efforts. Options like sale ads, flyers, and brochures are all available to repurpose with custom branding. 

Accessing your Template

When you’ve chosen the template that you want, click the ‘download’ button. It is positioned to the right of the product image. Upon selecting to download the template, you’ll be presented with different options, depending on the content that you’ve selected. 

Users who choose to download their designs will see a popup offering two choices (if their choice is free-to-use). In these cases, it’s possible to download the content for free. This is provided that the user is happy to add an attribution to the newsletter. This then confirms that it’s a Powered Template download. 

For premium users, the option to download content can come in at around $8.25 per month with an annual subscription. But monthly and on-demand options are available to select from. 

Once the content has been downloaded, the user is free to use and edit the template as they wish. Or even download more content like graphics to feature in the final product. 

For businesses looking to reach their audience through slick and visually engaging newsletters, the ability to utilize tailored content could be a key time and money-saving tool. 

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