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How MT Can Prepare Your Startup for International Customers

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Global Market Insights reported that by 2027, the Machine Translation (MT) industry would be worth around 3 billion USD. However, so much news regarding machine translation’s inaccuracies makes you wonder if it’s reliable to use.

Today, we will discuss why this is not the case and how you can effectively use MT for your startup when globally expanding. If you want to learn more about it, then keep on reading.

Machine Translation’s Bad Reputation

There have been several published articles on the inaccuracy of machine translations. We have all read articles about how Google Translate can’t be used to translate legal documents. Additionally, how other MTs are the same in such regard.

Some have claimed that MTs are the reason why big brands and large industries are producing poor-quality translations. An example of this is Netflix’s Squid Games, some fans of the show pointed out there were several mistranslations in the show’s English subtitles. It opened up discussions about the translation industry, which has led to some concluding that “cheap machine translation solutions” alongside the industry’s human resource problems in finding talent who have the expertise and skill to do so, especially for “rare languages and language pairs.”

But the real issue with some of these reports is that they fail to see the positive aspects MTs. Machines aren’t perfect. They might be able to calculate large amounts of data and maximize production, but in the end, they still have some form of human involvement to ensure they’re performing at their top capacity.

Although MTs are cheaper than having to hire human translators, it’s still not advisable to solely depend on one over the other, later on, we will discuss how professional translation agencies are getting the best of both.

MTs Enhance the Speed and Accuracy of Translations 

Because of how globalized and interconnected our economies have become, the translation industry has drastically grown over the years. It has also led to a dilemma due to the increasing translation demand. For this reason, it led many agencies to use MTs to increase production.

However, it has led to some issues, such as over-dependence on this technology has led to some thinking it will replace human translators and is the “cause of poor quality” found in some industries, such as the

But when properly implemented into the management systems of a translation agency, it can create the highest quality of translations for businesses and organizations worldwide because MTs can provide the framework for constructing sentence patterns of translations, and native translators can evaluate and make corrections to them. It speeds up the translation process and ensures that the quality of the translated text is not compromised.

Different Types of MT Models 

When looking for MT models on the market you can use for your startup, they’re usually categorized into three:

  1. Rule-Based MT Model – Its software is based on bilingual dictionaries, which provide a sequence of words based on the grammatical rules of the target language. It’s consistent in the quality of translations but rigid in its translation. This requires constant updating by post-editors manually.
  2. Statistical MT Model – It doesn’t rely on linguistic rules but uses machine learning algorithms to analyze human translations and develop statistical patterns based on gathered data.
  3. Neural MT Model – Its artificial intelligence learns and processes languages through its neural networks, making the predictions in the syntax and pattern of the sentence structure more intuitive and contextual compared to the other mentioned MTs. through its neural networks, making the predictions in the syntax and pattern of the sentence structure more intuitive and contextual compared to the other mentioned MTs.

5 Ways Startups Can Use MTs in Global Expansion

Now, let’s discuss why MTs will be integral to a startup company’s expansion to another market.

Startups would consider marketing internationally because their competitors likely haven’t thought of promoting and catering to a multilingual audience. It makes you stand out from the rest and creates a more personalized connection with your international customers.

By expanding to another market, you broaden your audience and clientele, which leads to an increase in profit. For this reason, we listed below five benefits of investing in MT software and technology:

Producing Multilingual Content Marketing 

When expanding internationally, you need to produce multilingual content that effectively gets your branding and services across to your target audience. With machine translation, your translator can generate multiple contents in several languages for different markets more efficiently.

It can be tricky as marketing requires creativity and originality if you want your brand to stand above others. Due to this, you will need to secure your ideal talent either remotely or in-office translators, marketing experts, SEO specialists, and multilingual content creators who can construct an effective plan and strategy for communicating and promoting your brand.

Making Websites and Apps More Accessible 

Enhancing the user experience of your websites and apps for your international users is part of content marketing. The CSA Research reported that of 8,709 consumers, about 65% of them stated that they wanted their native language in the content they’re reading, even if it’s not high quality. Your international users shouldn’t be settling for subpar translations. They deserve the best!

It is especially true when it comes to how you make your websites and apps multilingual. This makes it easier for your international audience easier to read and understand them. With MT, you can program it to make the translations more consistent. Plus you have it ready for the SEO side of it. Your translators and international SEO experts will be able to translate the content of your sites more quickly. MT and MT management systems make coding and string extraction easier to translate.

Complying to International Laws and Regulations

When expanding internationally, you must comply with several laws and regulations. Now, MTs won’t be accepted by legal courts and governing bodies. However, your translators specializing in law can use them to make translating legal content more accurate and fast.

Each market has unique aspects of its legal system. We advise that you search for linguistic experts with a legal background in the market you’re planning to enter. The documents you might need to translate could involve the notice for collecting data on your website, contracts, patent and trademark, and more.

Fast Translations of Business Documents

Besides legal documents, MTs can increase the speed, production, and quality of your business and financial translated documents, as long as it’s managed by linguistic experts. Miscommunication can lead to disorganization and lower the productivity of your employees.

By having your business and financial documents translated, it ensures that internally and externally there’s no miscommunication caused by language barriers. It also makes transactions with local companies in your target market run along more smoothly.

Increase Productivity through International Communications

Technology can increase your employees’ engagement and productivity. MT is no different despite being primarily used by linguistic experts. You can increase your output by combining MTs with another tool. For example, you used your MT to translate your chatbot’s layout and automatic response.

As mentioned, translation agencies have used MTs to maximize the production of translated documents. But you can experiment with how you can incorporate MT in making your business more multilingual-friendly for your international clients.

Final Thoughts

Many multinational businesses were once small businesses. Your startup has the potential to go global like them. Hopefully, our tips on how you can use MT like a translation agency will inspire you to give it a try at using it for your business.

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