Is Hotjar Really The Best Way To Understand Your Website Visitors? heatmaps
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Considering the fact that I didn’t even recognize Sarah Jessica Parker when she walked into my empty vintage store back when I worked retail, it’s pretty fair to say that I was not good at paying attention to what my customers were doing. While I had the luxury of being able to space out while on the job because it wasn’t my company, you, startup founder, really need to be paying attention.


Unfortunately, tracking user actions on a website is even harder than giving a $%&@ when you’re the only person running a dingy vintage shop and you’re nursing a wicked hangover. Startups need every bit of information about what and why their early users are doing what they’re doing in order to survive.


As you already know, all the standard ways that work in a brick and mortar business just don’t work online. You can’t see what your customer is doing and getting info using surveys is like herding baby hamsters.




Luckily for startups everywhere, we’ve seen some pretty amazing growth in user tracking software over the past couple of years. One company that is leading the charge in user tracking is a brand new (still in beta) startup called Hotjar and they’re shaking up the industry by taking what used to be a big, expensive, onerous task and providing it all at an affordable price on one platform. screenshot


What do they do?

Hotjar is a new player to the game and you can tell they’re scrappy. While their competitors offer only one or two user insights for a high price, Hotjar features include: heatmaps, feedback and exit polls, online surveys, funnel and form analysis, visitor session playback, the ability to recruit user testers, and proactive chat.


Basically, they’re got you covered from the moment a new customer “enters” your site to the moment she “leaves.”




And it’s totally affordable.

Hotjar is offering free unlimited access (meaning you can use it on as many sites as you want) for everyone who shares a unique link during their beta period. After that you’ll get one more month free, and then a discount of $29 per month that’s specifically for earlier users.


FREE Early Access is only available until the August 30, 2014 – So book your spot now.


So don’t be like me. Sign up for Hotjar now for their exclusive discounts and free beta period so if Sarah Jessica Parker walks into your store, you won’t miss it.


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