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Hitlantis.comWhile it is true that the Internet gives any band a chance to reach to people from all over the world, it is also true that things have become just too crowded. If you have a punk rock band, you know there are probably a million bands that do the same thing advertising what they do much like you are advertising your own gigs and music. And the chances of people not finding you and finding any of these other bands instead is astronomically high.

Enter Hitlantis. Hailing from Helsinki, this company has devised a visual way to let people browse through bands which are unsigned, and that are looking for the big break. This visual interface is made up of a circular heat map which is broken down into genres such as rock, pop, punk and electro, and you are allowed to click on the circles to listen to the music of any band that picks your fancy. If you do like what you have listened to, then you can both buy the music and support the artist, and tell your friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter to check the band out.

This service is free both for bands and for listeners. Obviously, a band that has just signed up for the service will have to battle its way to the center of the music map. Yet, paid accounts are available, and they will let musicians get there much faster. In Their Own Words

We help artists to break through, and music lovers to discover great music and artists they want to support.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Theoretically, it lets these bands that work hard become noticed much faster.

Some Questions About

What other advantages have paid accounts got?

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