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How to Find an NFT Developer: an Up-to-Date Roadmap for 2023

While 2022 was a rough year for the crypto industry in general, NFTs are still performing well. If you are interested in exploring the world of non-fungible tokens, you need to hire an NFT developer sooner rather than later.


Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that represent ownership of a unique item or piece of content. This could include digital art, collectibles, music, or in-game items. Unlike fungible tokens, which are interchangeable and have a set unit value, NFTs are unique. They cannot be replaced by another unit of the same value.

The blockchain is used to build NFTs because it allows for the creation of digital assets that are verifiably scarce and unique. NFTs are minted on the blockchain, creating a unique digital signature for the asset and recording it on the relevant ledger. This serves as proof of ownership and makes the asset saleable.

While the market is highly speculative, NFTs can be extremely valuable. In 2021, an NFT titled “The First 5000 days” by an artist called Beeple sold for $69.3 million on auction. The artist started working on the piece in 2007. It consists of 5000 miniature works of art, which he created over the course of 5000 days.

The size of the sale left many companies wondering how to find an NFT developer of their own so that they can start cashing in on the trend.

What does an NFT developer for hire do?

An NFT  developer is a software developer that specializes in the creation and deployment of smart contracts on a blockchain platform that can mint NFTs. Companies hire NFT developers to create smart contracts and to interact with blockchain networks like Ethereum using programming languages like Solidity. They may be tasked with developing decentralized apps known informally as dApps that can interact with these NFTs, typically through web3-enabled browsers.

How can you hire an NFT developer?

If you are interested in NFTs, there are several ways to find an NFT expert for hire:

  • Freelance Platforms. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr have a large pool of developers that have experience in blockchain and NFT development. The downside of using this approach is that freelancers may have several other projects in the works, and it can be hard to manage a team of freelancers.
  • Blockchain Job Boards. There are a few job boards that specialize in blockchain development work, including CryptoJobs and CoinDesk’s job board. You can post a listing there for a small fee.
  • Networking. It’s a good idea to regularly attend blockchain and NFT-related events and conferences where you can meet and network with blockchain developers.
  • Referrals. Your team may know good NFT developers. You can incentivize them to make recommendations by offering bonuses for successful referrals.
  • Offshoring. If you can’t find NFT developers locally, you can hire an offshore agency to support your development requirements.

How to find NFT developers with the right skills?

When you are looking for an NFT developer, you should verify their experience by checking their portfolio. Then, test their skills through assessments.

Start by asking the developer specific questions about smart contracts, the blockchain, and NFTs. Ask them to explain specific projects they previously worked on and how they solved problems.

Ask your CIO or anyone with technical skills to perform a code review of their code samples and open-source contributions to assess their coding style and quality. You should also give the developer a technical task or problem related to NFT development. Some companies also assign live projects to their developers. This gives them a better sense of their ability to deliver a working product.

Many blockchain platforms like Ethereum have certifications for developers that are a good indicator of their skills.

When assembling your team, bear in mind that NFT development is a rapidly evolving field. You should evaluate developer skills based on their overall knowledge and understanding of NFTs rather than their experience of a platform or technology alone.


If you are interested in making money from the crypto market but prefer investing in NFTs, it’s time to hire an NFT developer. The right developer will help you put the proper smart contracts and measures in place. This hopefully guarantees your success in the space.


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