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Everyone needs content for their website. If you’re slacking on your content, then you’re failing on your SEO, which means no one can find your business on Google. It’s a trickle-down effect, my friends, that can make or break your business. But, what if you’re not a great writer and you don’t know how to find and hire writers for your site? Well, is a great place to start.





Quality Content at a Reasonable Price is the #1 destination for those seeking to hire great writers at a reasonable price. The site has pre-screened thousands of native English-speaking writers to ensure that, no matter how big, small or diverse your assignment is, there’s a quality writer that can get the job done.



Not looking for a content writer, per se, but you have other tasks that need a writer’s assistance? No problem. can help with:


  • Rewriting/Proofreading articles
  • Blog Posting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Product listings/descriptions
  • Email swipe / Auto-responder series creation





And, the site is dedicated to customer service. That means if you’re unhappy with the job, you don’t have to pay. That is a rare guarantee these days!


Are You a Writer?

Attention all you freelance (native English speaking) writers that know they can kick-butt at the above assignments: Sign-up for, for FREE, and access hundreds of job listings. You can earn up to $20 an article, you can write on topics you are interested it, you can earn as much as you want, and you get paid every Friday. As a fellow freelance writer, this sounds good to me!



Pricing is based on several criteria and is incredibly reasonable. It’s broken down by beginner, general, skilled and expert writers, and can start at $1.50 per article! I mean, you really can’t beat that. Check out the full pricing list here.


Why is so Killer

Why is Hire Writers a killer? First, signing up is absolutely free! The site has a database of quality writers who can write just about anything you need them to (starting at just $1.50 an article!) Writers are native English speakers, so your ideas and content will come across clear to your English-speaking audience. And, if you’re a writer, you’ll have access to hundreds of jobs. Boom.





The Men Behind the Magic

HireWriters founder, Brandon Harris, and his partner, Greg Meyers, have a combined 30 years of experience in internet marketing and serial entrepreneurship.


Brandon Harris                                  Greg Meyers



Brandon recently shared the story behind with KillerStartups. Here is what he had to say:


What inspired you and Greg to create

After generating millions in profits with previous ventures, it’s no longer a question of, “How can I make money?” but, “How do I want to make money?” which is why we pick and choose our startups carefully.


While spending enormous amounts of money on custom content creation, we decided to create our own platform that would be extremely simple to use. Not only would this save us time and money, but we also saw the tremendous opportunity to fill a need that wasn’t being met — high quality content writers, at an affordable price.


Are you working on any other projects or websites at the moment?

Yes, we own as well, which is a sort of article directory with a rewards aspect to it, giving article publishers rewards they can redeem for prizes, simply for submitting articles to the directory.


We are focusing on content related services for the time being, but we always have at least 10 ideas floating around at any given moment. We like to keep a low profile while we are working on a new venture and keep it secret until its release.


I can keep a secret, I promise. *wink* Thanks for sharing your story with us, Brandon! Be sure to let us know when those secret projects go public.



Content is king these days, and websites need quality content to attract customers. can help you get all the content your little heart desires. So, check it out and sign up for free. If you’re not satisfied with the work, you don’t pay. What are you waiting for?


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