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HIgedi: Empowering Women with Gestational Diabetes through Community and Support

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In an era where health and technology intersect more than ever, HIgedi emerges as a pioneering social health app dedicated to supporting women with gestational diabetes. Founded in 2023 by Julija Udodova, HIgedi addresses a significant gap in the digital health landscape, offering a comprehensive platform that combines social support, knowledge sharing, and access to gestational diabetes-related products. This unique approach not only fosters a sense of community among women facing similar challenges but also equips them with the tools and resources necessary to manage their condition effectively.

Empowering Women through Technology and Community

HIgedi is more than just an app; it’s a community where women with gestational diabetes can find solace, support, and solutions. Unlike existing applications that focus solely on tracking and meal planning, HIgedi introduces a social dimension that had been conspicuously absent. Features like a community feed for open discussions, a map search to locate “gestational diabetes buddies,” and a marketplace for specialized products, make HIgedi a holistic platform for managing gestational diabetes.

Company Overview:

  • Name: HIgedi: Gestational Diabetes
  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Type of Company: Social health app, pregnancy app
  • HQ Location: Estonia
  • Startup Founders: Julija Udodova
  • One-liner: #1 social app connecting women with gestational diabetes experience and knowledge.

Progress and Current Status:

Since its development phase between 2022 and early 2024, HIgedi has officially launched on both Google Play and the App Store in February 2024. This marks a significant milestone in making gestational diabetes support accessible to women worldwide.

Inspiring Story:

The inception of HIgedi is deeply personal. Founder Julija Udodova was motivated by her own unexpected journey with gestational diabetes, a common but often isolating condition. Faced with the lack of a supportive community and resources, Udodova took matters into her own hands, creating HIgedi to ensure that no woman has to navigate gestational diabetes alone.

A Role Model in Digital Health:

HIgedi looks up to Malama Health Tracking App for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive tracking features, and the ability to facilitate seamless communication with healthcare providers. Inspired by Malama’s success, HIgedi aims to be an indispensable tool for women dealing with gestational diabetes.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, HIgedi aims to become a global hub for gestational diabetes support, connecting over a million active users, including healthcare providers. With plans to introduce location-based groups and a user reward system, HIgedi is poised for significant growth and impact in the digital health space.

HIgedi’s journey from a personal challenge to a global solution highlights the power of technology and community in transforming healthcare experiences. As it continues to evolve, HIgedi stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women facing gestational diabetes, making it a startup worth watching in the digital health arena.

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