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HeyJoynIn.comJoynIn is a new service that lets you get deals when you’re out, and redeem them in the most social of ways. As a user of JoynIn, you’ll get offers from bars, restaurants and clubs straight on your mobile. The way the app works, the more friends you invite then the better the offer is going to become. And once you’ve managed to gather enough friends, then you’ll be able to redeem it just by checking-in to the venue.

Something like JoynIn benefits just everybody. People like you have access to great offers just for being your usual social self, and sharing offers on Facebook like you would share any interesting photo or video. For its part, business owners are given a ready chance to turn slow times into buys times, and build customer loyalty much easier. They’ll be giving people every excuse to check their venues out. If you’re one, then you can sign up to the service by supplying some basic information like your name, the name of your club/restaurant and your phone number.

And as far as users are concerned, JoynIn is available at no cost both for iOS and Android.

HeyJoynIn.com In Their Own Words

Use JoynIn to grab amazing offers from bars, clubs, and restaurants. All you need is friends!

Some Questions About HeyJoynIn.com

Will more mobiles be supported later? Or is JoynIn basically going to remain an Android and an iPhone app? HeyJoynIn.com

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