Give Your Website Visitors 24/7 Customer Support With A HelpOnClick Virtual Chat Agent

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As websites grow more sophisticated and all things Internet continue to speed up, customer patience shortens and shortens. Explainer videos need to present information quickly and clearly. No one will sit through a lengthy tutorial anymore or – gasp! – browse a website for answers to questions. Customers expect solutions and results with minimal effort, which is something the right assistant can make happen.


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A Virtual Chat Assistant

Customers leave websites when they can’t find what they need or when no one is there to help them. With so many options for nearly everything, it simply isn’t worth the time to hunt for something that can be found elsewhere more easily. Failure to address customers’ questions translates into lost sales. Plain and simple.


HelpOnClick looks to prevent such scenarios from playing out by equipping websites with a virtual chat agent. Online software provides visitors with an automated assistant ready to field questions at anytime. An administrator only needs to sign up for an account, teach the assistant how to answer questions correctly (based on keyword entry), then copy and paste code onto the website to put the virtual assistant to work.


Faster than Browsing and Cost-Effective

After the initial setup, training the virtual chat assistant saves website owners the time and trouble of answering the same questions over and over again. HelpOnClick’s software solution is also a cost-effective way to improve customer service, especially for businesses without the resources to have live assistance available around the clock. Depending on the needs of each website, the virtual chat assistant can either take questions when humans are off the clock, in tandem with live help, or handle basic questions until a live agent is available.



Just as it used to be a big deal but has since become standard for websites to accept payments or collect questionnaire data, it’s easy to imagine a time soon when web users will anticipate websites to have an assistant on hand to guide them through product or service features as well as answer any and all questions. HelpOnClick looks to bring down the market barriers for small and midsize business owners to take care of customers’ needs with a virtual chat assistant.


Helping and Guiding Website Visitors

Sign up for a free 60-day trial here. HelpOnClick offers different monthly, quarterly, and yearly pricing options after the trial period based on the amount of chats fielded by the software. Check here for more pricing information.




The virtual chat agent joins other HelpOnClick products designed to increase sales and enhance customer support. Founded in 2004 by Neran Ashkenazi, OnClick Solutions specializes in software that enables better communication with customers online.


Neran Ashkenazi


HelpOnClick’s one-stop shop for sales and customer support solutions also includes help desk software and live chat software – the later featuring social media integration, real-time traffic monitoring, and the ability to interact with customers via mobile devices, tablets, or desktop.


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