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Heart Writing Offers A New Solution To Age-Old Problem

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Minus those awkward goth phases some of us went through in junior high, most people don’t like thinking about death. It’s hard to accept that the main component to about 80% of Lifetime Original Movies’ story-lines is going to happen to all of us.


Beyond being freaked out by the idea or the process of dying, some people are also concerned about staying relevant in the lives of their loved ones after they are gone. I for one have been a fan of the idea of leaving messages behind for the people I care about ever since seeing the movie P.S. I Love You – I’ve also developed a fondness for whiskey at funerals because of that movie, but that’s a whole other article…



A mom with an idea

One creative mom got the idea for a service that lets users leave messages for loved ones when she realized that there was merit to some of her pre-vacation jitters. Debbie Gruber, founder of Heart Writing, was going on a trip to Spain with her husband while her two sons were at summer camp.



Leaving kids behind is rarely easy, but Gruber realized that she wanted to be able to let her kids know how much she loved them if something terrible were to happen. Just like that a startup was born. Her company Heart Writing delivers notes and letters that users have written to friends and family after they’ve passed away.


Gruber explains: “Many people take care of their loved ones financially via life insurance policies and wills. But the best gift of all is to give a piece of oneself.”


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That kind of perspective has the potential to resonate with a lot of people. Planning for the long term is an involved process, and this service reminds us that there is more than insurance paperwork and savings accounts to consider. By taking the “human factor” into account, Heart Writing allows its users to send messages to the folks they leave behind in three ways:


  • Email
  • Old-school posted letters
  • Letters that are delivered to loved ones by a designated third party of your choosing.


There are different payment plans too, so flexibility is clearly a company priority. They even offer free trail periods so you can take the service for a test run. The system is also very secure. Apparently they use the same security methodology as the Federal Reserve so that privacy is covered.


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Instead of ending up like some macabre messaging service, as most of the company’s competition does, Heart Writing gives people the chance to get some peace of mind by knowing they get to reinforce how they feel with loved ones long after they’re gone – and let’s be real, who couldn’t use a little more peace of mind?


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