How to submit? – Health Centric Social Media News provides a platform where users can share health-related news content with other users and vote on the submissions of others.

The submissions that receive the most number of user votes appear on the front page whereas other submission are categorized in the following manner: Health News, Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Disease and Conditions, Mental Health, Healthcare, Diet and Weight Loss, Science and Medicine, Sports, Self Improvement, and Lifestyle. After registering, users can share health-related links, videos and photos making this a site full of useful user generated content. The right side of the page also includes top submissions of the day under the categories of news, photos, videos, and upcoming news. In Their Own Words

“Health Ranker, the #1 social media health news site dedicated to bringing you the latest health news and health-related information. Designed to be powered by you, the user, we encourage our community to submit health news and articles from highly respected medical information publishers to health bloggers to mainstream media news sites. We’ll cover it all!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is a great deal of information available and Health Ranker appears to have already gained a large enough user base to allow the site to run itself. Look for this to increasingly become a key resource for people to get health-related advice and information.

Some Questions About

Are they considering the addition of a forum so that users can ask for advice form other users and experts alike? Have they thought about adding widgets for RSS category feeds?

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