How to submit? – Standardizing Hashtags For Venues

Hashceratops.orgEverybody knows what hashtagging is. It is one of the practices which is employed the most when people tweet out, along with the RT functionality.

It all makes sense, really – if every tweet was to remain completely uncategorized, then finding relevant content within the Twitterverse would take an eternity. Hastags make everything stand more findable. And if you have a venue such as a restaurant or a club, then this site will empower you to publicize it and make it easily identifiable.

In principle, the website stands as a user-fueled directory in which people add hashtags to a list comprising the most popular venues. The aim is to create a sort of set of hashtags that are the ones employed for identifying venues

This site will initially cover venues like bars, pubs and restaurants within English-speaking countries. If it does well, it might just as well branch out cover other territories.

When all is said and done, it is nice to see endeavors that aim to make the tagging process a formal (and thus more reliable) one. If you think the idea is a potentially useful one too, giving the site a look will definitely not go amiss. In Their Own Words

“HashCeratops is a project created by members of to create better uniformity and standardization among local apps and services. HashCeratops is a publicly available, community-built project aimed at uniquely identifying places. It is a set of standards.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an idea is a good one from every angle – information is no good if you can’t find it, or if you have doubts about its legitimacy.

Some Questions About

How long would it take for such a system to be fully functional, and yield satisfactory results?

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