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A growing body of scientific evidence proves that helping others makes us happier. So if being helpful is good for our health and betters the lives of those we lend a hand to, the question is: why aren’t we all helpful more often?


We could probably come up with thousands of explanations for why we don’t help more frequently – we’re distracted, we’re overworked, we’re busy with our own problems, etc. We can be certain about one thing: the easier it is to give help, the more often we’ll likely give it.






Happy2Help is an application coming soon to the iPhone that makes it easier for everyone to offer and receive help.


We all need somebody to lean on

If you need a hand with something, you create a brief help request using Happy2Help, pick a category that reflects the help you need (which helps connect you with capable assistance), and select if you prefer in-person or online help. And the calvary rides your direction.


For those looking to share their skills and expertise, or who desire to earn karma points, browse help requests on Happy2Help by category or location, and offer to help.






Happy2Help connects good Samaritans with those in need of help anytime and anywhere. Regardless of the type of help needed – learning to code, speaking a foreign language, guitar lessons – Happy2Help unites people looking to help one another.


“We believe there are many people in this world who want to help others and feel good about it,” say the founders of Happy2Help. “We wanted to make helping each other easy…”


Get by with a little help from your friends

Helping is contagious. The larger the Happy2Help community grows the greater the possibility for society to grow more altruistic as a whole. What a great way for us to learn more about each other – according to what help we have to offer and by where we could use a boost ourselves. Akhilesh, for example, can assist when it comes to mentoring, mock interviews, and investments while he could use help when it comes to tennis and getting up early.


The person who can help people get up early will no doubt be a highly sought after star on Happy2Help!


An overlooked consequence of our homes becoming our workplaces, remote work leading to a lack of physical human contact, is that opportunities to help one another lesson. Happy2Help re-establishes channels that make it easy for us to help one another. It doesn’t hurt that the system is also efficient, since giver and receiver already know that capable help is available.






From quick fixes to major undertakings, most of us need different kinds of help multiple times a day. Bravo, Happy2Help, for giving us a tool that makes it easy for us to turn into a community of helpers. (Anyone have help to offer those who are bad about asking for help?)


Visit happy2help.me to become an early member of the community and to learn more about giving a hand. For additional information, find Happy2Help on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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