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Happn.inTwitter is certainly widespread, but some are employing it for specific needs and they are not really that concerned about what is going on in every corner of the world. That is just fine, and this new tool is there to assist them when it comes to placing Twitter conversations in a given context, namely any city they want.

Essentially, the site will let any person choose a city and see the corresponding streams. This way, the user can keep track of events, news, coincidences and funny thing in a direct fashion indeed.

The opening screen provides you with a list of featured cities for you to see what it is all about. So far, more than 53 cities are accounted for, and the respective updates can be received by clicking on the link which is provided below the name of the city on the main page.

It seems to me that resources like this one are bound to gain pre-eminence, if only because Twitter is becoming so widespread that people are certain to try and circumscribe things, if only a little. What do you think? In Their Own Words

“ collects and aggregates popular phrases used on Twitter within 20 miles of major cities. The five most popular phrases each hour are posted to this site, and are tweeted three times a day to the Twitter account for each city. To follow for your city, click the link below your city’s list on the home page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who wish to focus their tweeting time will relish such a tool being available.

Some Questions About

Are cities the world over included? If not, will they eventually be included?

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