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If you’re prevented from buying all the books that you’d love to read (or that you need for College), then give this site a try. Half Price Books ( is a company that delivers exactly what its name suggests: books at half the price that you’d have to pay at any retailer. And (in some cases) even less than that.

You can search for titles both by author and by genre, and the company also buys used books that are in good condition.

Drama, action, romance, thriller … all the most popular genres are bought and sold by the company. And if you want to get something for a friend who’s about to celebrate his birthday but you just don’t know what kind of book he’d enjoy best, then you can always get him a gift card. These can be personalized with a message of your own, and they are available in the following denominations: $25, $50, $75 and $100. And the cards sold by Half Price Books never expire.

The company is based on the US, and you’d might be interested in knowing that in addition to buying books on this site you can go and shop in person at any of is many stores. You can use the store locator that’s available on this page to find the one that’s closest to where you live. And you can also download a full store list as a PDF by clicking here.

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