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Email and inbox. They’ve become two of the most dreaded words for anyone who works online. Resentment for the amount of time email consumes is about as nasty as trash talk gets in the startup game. The inbox is an object of loathing that promises an endless supply of founder rage.


If we could – to borrow from a popular, sci-fi film – we would love to have a machine that we could send back in time to wipe out the threat of email before it took hold; our very own email Terminator.


Well, there’s no need to become preoccupied with the logistics of time travel or building a cyborg. There’s already a tool available to put email in its place: TMail21.


tmail landing


Though TMail21 works alongside existing email, it’s perfectly willing to kick traditional email to the curb. TMail21 looks to keep the best aspects of our standard emailing while adding a number of lightweight features that make it a better way to both communicate and work.


TMail21 lets you send and receive mail like any other email system, as well as receive personalized notifications. Add search and enough of a familiar look/feel so that you don’t need to waste time getting your bearings, and then embrace the enhanced qualities of TMail21.


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of TMail21 is that it gives every mail a tracking number. This prevents any correspondences from becoming lost or confused. Simple numbering also avoids those nasty tangled webs of email threads by keeping exchanges in a neat, orderly sequence. Reference any mail with ease. Better yet, TMAIL21 lets owners certify both the shipment of mail and content – eliminating one of the holdout needs to turn to snail mail in an elegant (if not obviously necessary) stroke of streamlined processes.


TMail21 also makes life at the office much easier for collaboration. With TMail21, there’s no need for additional editing or communication tools. Everything is kept within sight in one location, via smart sections. These sections allow individuals to edit with ease, without any resulting confusion as to which version of a document is being worked on. Write, edit, comment, share as you desire, with TMail21’s straightforward system. Forget about attachment nonsense and change tracking. TMail21 keeps the latest, updated version in clear view.


Other time-saving perks include mail templates and form builders within TMail21. Instead of turning to another application and dealing with loading or transferring documents, everything is kept within the service. As an added bonus, TMail21 reduces spam, which saves even more precious time.


Oh, yeah, as for attaining that holy grail, inbox 0, TMail21 has a simple Kanban-style system for keeping everything in its rightful place. Rather than chase a religious experience, you can experience instant bliss by regaining control of your mail.


Sick of the email time suck? Have a closer look at how TMail21 can handle your mail and collaboration more efficiently at tmail21.com.


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