Green Valley Supply Gardening Offers Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control

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Whether you have a personal garden of beautiful flowers, a practical vegetable garden, or a full-on farm, good supplies are required, especially for combating weeds. And in 2018, being environmentally-conscious is nearly as great a consideration as what kind of soil to use, so many gardeners want to avoid chemical weedkillers and pesticides. Green Valley Supply offers gardeners a number of environmentally-friendly tools and solutions for growing their favorite flora, edible or not.

Green Valley Supply products are made with gardeners – and the environment – in mind. They believe in improving and enabling gardening as a daily part of life, and endeavor to carry the widest selection of professional gardening tools and provide their customers with the best quality products available, including weed preventing barrier fabric in order to provide a way to ensure environmentally-friendly weed control.

Available Products

Currently, the environmentally-friendly products available on the Green Valley Supply website include:

  • Planters & Raised Beds – Grow Bags and Raised Garden Beds
  • Plant & Row Covers – Drawstring Plant Covers and Fabric Row Cover
  • Pest & Weed Control – Landscape Fabric



If you’re looking for gardening products….., check out Green Valley Supply’s current inventory for all of your gardening needs. They are currently running a promotion, so be sure to use code “WELCOME” at checkout on orders of $25 or more and save 20%.


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