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Gratefulgram.comA lot of people are of the opinion that the only way to receive something is to give it first, and I think that applies in many cases. It certainly applies to eliciting warm reactions and responses from people. By this reckoning, Gratefulgram is a website whose existence if fully guaranteed. Basically, on Gratefulgram people can record short and compact videos thanking those who have helped them in one way or the other. They proceed to record them, and then they are sent to their intended recipients just by supplying their email addresses.

The provided interface makes for previewing videos before sending them out, but that is basically it. You will be using it in the blink of an eye. And I know some might be wondering in which sense is this better than uploading a clip to YouTube or any other video site. Well, the answer is obvious: the fact of having gone for a specialized service is surely giving people the idea that you exerted yourself to the full, and that you refrained from using just the first generic service you found lying online. It gives everything that further touch of personalization that can but make things stand out more (and better) in the end. In Their Own Words

Say thank you. Be happy.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is perfect for showing people how much you care about these positive things they have done for you.

Some Questions About

What else can this platform be used for?

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