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GoWorkIt.comA new platform that can be used by just anybody and at no cost whatsoever, goWorkIt connects people who are looking for temporary jobs with employers who have such positions to fill.

The actual dynamics of the site turn it into an instant job resource. Let me explain. On goWorkIt, people like you and me can create a short listing detailing what they can do, along with information like how old they are and the place they are exactly located at. Employers will then be able to read such listings, and whenever they spot someone who looks potentially interesting then they can get in touch with them right away.

Alternatively, employers can post ads on the site themselves, and detail these positions that they need to have covered. People will be able to get in touch via SMS, and (if all goes well) they will land the job. Easy, and (as I said above) absolutely instant. Plus, job seekers can sign up for email and text alerts for these positions they are interested in. In Their Own Words

GoWorkIt is a free platform that connects workers and employers instantly.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way connections are actually made turns the site into one of the most direct ways for landing a job you can find online.

Some Questions About

Which kind of jobs are people looking for more actively through the site?

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