Turn Google Into A Social Network With Gospik

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Have you ever imagined that Google could be a social network? No, I’m not talking about Google+, which even Google seems to have given up on at this point. I’m talking about turning the actual search engine — the most popular search engine in the world — into a social network.


That’s what a new app called Gospik is aiming to do. Launched by Youppl Inc., Gospik is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that transforms the Google ads on the right side of the search page into a social posting page. Users with the Gospik extension can start threads about whatever it is that people are searching for or join in conversations that are already happening there. When the app launches later this month, people will be able to post photos, videos, comments, news, and even messages.


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The goal of Gospik is to help people who maybe don’t have a huge following on traditional social networks get their voice out there. Founder JC imagines a world where the common man can rise about the crowd with his shadow search engine by asking insightful questions or posting interesting, relevant content alongside the search engine results.


JC also told KillerStartups that Gospik will let users ask questions that the usual Google search isn’t answering. That’s actually why he built Gospik in the first place. Frustrated by the lack of information about a product he was searching for, JC decided to create a service where people could ask questions directly on Google — and Gospik was born.


Gospik doesn’t change anything about native Google Search, not even the paid ads that Google displays. All it does is add another layer on top of a site that most of us are already using every day.


“Imagine that a regular person that doesn’t have big groups of friends, fans, or followers captures a very important moment like, let’s say, aliens drinking beer,” JC explained. “His post won’t be seen by anybody but he can share it on Gospik. Someday when Gospik is really popular, a user will search on Google for aliens and that post with aliens drinking beer will appear.”


So whether you’re searching for aliens drinking beer or you just want a new way to interact with a new community, head over and install Gospik today!


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