Google Glass: Who Wore it Best?

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You may already be part of the Google Glass Elite, or at least you’ve seen Fred Armisen’s bit on SNL over the weekend or visited White Men Wearing Google Glass a few times this morning.





You knew it was coming – here’s the Who Wore it Best: Google Glass video slideshow. Pete or Lance from Mashable? Bianca or Mike from The Huffington Post? Maybe you? We’ve got 18 top tech bloggers and celebrities set to RuPaul’s “Supermodel (You Better Work)” in a nice 1 minute diversion for you:



Google Glass: Who Wore it Best? by Scott Piro on – SlideShow Maker



Then we went all Photoshop happy and made one called Google Glass Wearers throughout History” for the hell of it:



Google Glass Wearers throughout History by Scott Piro on – SlideShow Maker



These slideshows were made with a free tool called Slidely. In addition to using one’s own images from Facebook, Instagram, FLICKR, Picasa or their PC, users can also search for images from their Facebook friends’ albums, any public Instagrams via hashtag, and via Google Images – and import them directly into their slideshow (instead of first downloading to their PC, then uploading) – keeping you in the creative flow. Music can be imported in one-step via YouTube, SoundCloud or by PC upload.


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