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Are You A Conan O’Brien-Type Worker? Find Out At Good.Co

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When I landed my first real job in big, bad New York City, I got my first taste of navigating office politics, working well with a team, utilizing my strengths, and improving my weaknesses. It turns out finding the perfect workplace fit is a complicated process of trial, error, and self-realization. Luckily, there’s an amazing new website that helps you navigate this tedious process. Meet Good.Co.


You’re in Good Company

First off, the name is brilliant. Your work life is hugely important, and in order to enjoy it and be inspired, you want to be in good company, obviously. And, in order for a company to be, well, good, people need to work well together. But like I said, the process of piecing a perfect company culture together is not an easy one. Good.Co is helping you decode the science behind happy workplaces. Starting with you.





How it Works

Good.Co takes the heavy science behind personality traits, happiness, creating company culture, etc., and stirs it up to make their special sauce, PPA – Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm. Sounds complicated, but the site has boiled it down to 12 simple questions to discover what personal archetype you are.





For example, if you’re a Maverick like me (or Conan O’Brien), you’re energetic, creative, and individualistic. You love life and variety and dislike a structured workplace. Good.Co not only gives you a full description of career tips and ideal jobs for your archetype, it also pairs you with other archetypes you would work well with. It’s kind of like a horoscope, only more legit.


What Company Suits You?

After you’ve gotten a pretty good idea about who you are in the workplace and what types of people you’re suited to work with, Good.Co then profiles over 400 companies to help you find the perfect place to work. Amazon, for instance, is like a Space Colony and a Mountaineering Expedition – It’s creative, social, competitive and flexible. Good.Co even has a job section so you can see if said companies are hiring.





Thrive at Your Job

Our friends over at Good.Co have even started a Career Insights Blog with articles on topics like Tips for Introverted Jobseekers and How to Overcome Your Midlife Career Crisis to help us not only find the perfect jobs but thrive at them too.





I am a huge proponent of career happiness, and therefore I am in love with Good.Co. I used to work really hard to improve my weaknesses, but quickly realized I’m better utilized in a job that demands my strengths. Talking to customers and pumping up the team, bring it. Filing papers and crunching numbers, no thank you. It’s so important to discover who you are and how you work in order to find your perfect work environment. The site is in beta, so be the first to sign-up so you can start the dream job discovery process. Trust me, you’ll be in good company.


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