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Going Viral: How to Build Sales and Awareness with Media Coverage

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You’re not going to create a key startup business without something to attract customers. Having a good product isn’t enough because…how will they know about it? Word of mouth does wonders, but you have to build a base of consumers interested in your business. And how do you do this, you ask? Simple. Media coverage.

That’s not to say you go on every TV and make yourself a spectacle for millions. Life’s not that easy. However, that does mean setting up a social media campaign and the proper kind of advertising to attract that key consumer base. There’s a reason lucrative companies have large advertising campaigns, with big spots even during the Super Bowl. Everyone has to start somewhere in this regard.

So how do you build a business with media coverage? Here are a few basic steps to keep in mind!

What Kind of Audience Do You Want With Media Coverage?

The first thing you have to decide is what kind of audience you want with your media coverage. It can be a general thing if you have a good hook or a funny advertisement to bring them in with. But you need more specifics. Is your product aimed at kids? Perhaps you’re going for families? Or maybe the young demographic or even the Generation X people? It all depends on who you want to reach out to.

It also doesn’t hurt to get the right media coverage. Take a close look at the social media channels that are out there right now. Do you want to win people over on TikTok? Maybe Facebook is your speed and setting up a company page where you can interact with others. Or maybe you want to go to YouTube and show how your business came together. There are a number of tactics to use.

However, one thing you must make sure of is that it’s on some kind of positive note. Don’t go for something controversial with your program, because you’ll shoot yourself in the foot before it even begins. Go with something clever, and maybe even fun, but non-offensive and speaking to the audience you want. And don’t forget that level of interaction if a good social channel is involved. Again, not insulting, but just the right tone to show you’re serious, but not too serious.

Make Key Contacts with Media Coverage

The next step is simple – finding those key contacts that will help drive your media coverage. You can actually make some great connections on a few of these social channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Here, you’ll be able to build up a list of interested parties and make more connections. By doing this, you’ll open up to those that want to cover you. Granted, that means possibly setting up exclusive interviews or even sending out samples, depending on your business. But good media coverage can go a long way.

Just remember, when you’re talking to these journalists or editors, they’re human. Don’t just pour out free goodies, because chances are they’ll just collect and move on to the next people. Instead, find out more about them and get that connection going. Be personable when it comes to talking about your business. Don’t just make it about what the business does, but what you and your team do as well. The more human a business comes across, the more people will care. Don’t just make it automatic and dish out the rewards. Make the connections, then see about setting up those bridges.

Value Your Community

Finally, with social coverage, you want to make sure you’re taking care of your audience. You could draw thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook. And while that’s a good base to build off of, they’ll leave if you don’t show interest in them. So make sure you have a strong interaction level with them.

Answer any questions they may have about the business. Be honest and have a little bit of fun with it. Show your humanity, and don’t go for the obvious sales pushes – they will see right through that. Make it all about that connection, and they’ll tell others about your business. That’s where media coverage excels, through strong word-of-mouth. There is a reason sites like Yelp and Google thrive with their reviews. People love the power of positivity!

So take care of your consumers. Avoid insults. Maybe even offer giveaways through contests and have them show their creative side. That can attract even more people and get them interested in your business. Keep in mind that it will take time and a heaping amount of patience. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But with the right business approach (maybe have a good team behind you as well), you can make media coverage in the best way possible for your startup!

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