How to submit? – Realize Your Goals One By One“Self-realization” is the word that defines what Goalbot is all about. The objective of this site is to let you achieve your goals by providing you access to free tools that you can use not to lose track of what you want to accomplish.

Thus, action plans can be created using the provided goal planner, and you can keep a close watch on your progress at all times. You will be able to apply corrective measures the minute that you perceive that you are straying from the path to success.

But there is more to Goalbot than that, as by signing up you will become a member of the site’s community. The idea is to let you interact with people who are in a similar position (IE, looking into surpassing themselves), and let you exchange advice on how to best set about in order to do that. There are even some coaches around, and if you need a specialized hand you might as well ask one to look into your case more thoroughly.

Much like using the site, joining this community is free. You won’t be billed when you join, you won’t be charged a penny for using it, and you won’t be billed anything if you decide to take a leave. In Their Own Words

“Goalbot helps you realize your own potential and achieve your goals by providing simple, effective tools and a supportive community (all for free).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very supple way to get your hopes and goals on the right track.

Some Questions About

Is integration with social services already provided?

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