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GlobeWhere Will Ignite Your Travel Lust


Today’s Killer Startup: GlobeWhere


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Elevator Pitch:

GlobeWhere helps you plan trips.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Travel has been a huge part of my life for the past five years. I’ve lived all over Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Guatemala. I’ve traveled to Nicaragua and Panama, spent a bit of time in the States, and I’m now revving up for an epic trip to Asia that will include Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and a host of other countries that are yet to be determined.


So, you can imagine that I dig travel sites.


GlobeWhere is the latest to cross my laptop screen and I must say, I’m impressed. It’s visually stunning, intuitive, and makes trip planning super simple. You can not only plan your trip but also plot it out on a map and estimate your budget, all on their site. Each place is highlighted with stunning photos that will give you travel lust if you don’t have it already, or just get you pumped for your upcoming trip.


My one caveat about this Killer Startup is that I searched for a couple of places — my current city of Antigua Guatemala, as well as Kyoto and Ubud, where I’ll be soon — and the information for them was definitely lacking. However, they’re in beta still, so I’ll give them a pass. A quick look at one of their more popular trips, like New York City, reveals that they know how to put together an awesome trip, even if all the info isn’t up there yet to do it for some of the places I’ll be visiting.


Fellow travelers, keep an eye on this one. I’m completely enchanted with their design and I’m expecting great things in the near future.



Love to #travel? Plan EVERYTHING – from attractions to budget – with @GlobeWhere


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