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GiftWisdom.comGift Wisdom is an online gift registry system that lets you specify these items you really want, so that your friends do not have to rely on guesswork when it comes to your birthday or any other significant event.

And you (as the one who built up the registry itself) can let your friends know about the online retailers these items you are keen on getting can be bought. Several major retailers such as Amazon and WalMart are already supported, so that if the item that you have in mind has got widespread appeal then it will most likely be easily findable through Gift Wisdom.

And a site such as this one also plays out a really important environmental role. No longer will people have to drive from one point of sale to the other looking for the best prices, nor will anybody spend time (and resources) wrapping and unwrapping things up. Everything will be handled online. It is as ideal of a situation as it can be. It is not perfect for the simple reason that nothing is, but it comes pretty close. In Their Own Words

Environmentally friendly gifting with cash pooling.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct way to ensure you are getting the items you want for your birthday, and in an eco-friendly way at that.

Some Questions About

Can all kind of items whatsoever be bought like this?

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