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Giftmeister.comWe all have a techie friend or two that we hold truly dear, notwithstanding the fact that his conversation more than often leaves us gasping for breath. And when his birthday comes along, we always end up doing the same: asking somebody who is a techie himself for advice on what to buy our good friend as a present.

Giftmeister is a new service that makes such a process even easier, as it can let you find what would be the right gift for such a friend in a mostly automated way. All you have to do is specify the gender of your friend, his/her age and how much you are willing to spend. More importantly, you are also asked to specify exactly what kind of tech obsession has the person got. Is your friend addicted to games? Is he a techno geek? Is he a music lover? Well, all these (and more) categories are available for you to choose the one that is fitting.

And if you are unsure exactly which one from the available categories would describe your friend best, then that is no problem at all. A short description is provided for you to make up your mind more quickly and accurately. In Their Own Words

The premier consumer electronics gift buying service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes buying the perfect gift for our techie friends less painful and laborious.

Some Questions About

Who has devised the categories that you can choose from?

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