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Gfxartist.comHere is where online art starts. Gfxartist.

com is the web portal for the Digital Art Community, the home of a new generation of artists. Through this site you will have the opportunity to see a new way to making art, a wave that is a result of the technological innovations of the last century. Lots of digital artwork is published daily, and you can access a large collection of pieces by the GFX artists. This includes elite galleries, where the visitor’s favorite artists show their art and share it with users and other artists. At the homepage you will find the latest headlines and news, including information about contest, software, wallpapers, and different art categories. The site acts as the home of a great community that is in permanent exchange of ideas. This explains why in every section of this site there are comments, posts, discussion boards, and daily uploads. Check the whole varieties of galleries and become a member now.

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