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GetMyLinks.comThere is no need for you to have an account on each and every social service that has been created since the dawn of time to understand the role an application like Get My Links can play, and the true importance it can have.

Essentially, Get My Links will let you take all your different social accounts and have them all interconnected and grouped in a single link, so that people can know just how (and where) to reach you on the Social Web.

As I said at the beginning, the importance this can have is completely obvious. There are people who are easy to be found somewhere such as LinkedIn, but virtually impossible to locate on a site like Facebook. That can happen owing to lots of reasons, with the person having used a different email account to sign up for each service being one of them. Well, that should never matter any more as long as there are services that consolidate everything like Get My Links around. In Their Own Words

One Stop Social Networking Connection.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is much faster and practical than having to look people manually on every site on Earth.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit or the other to the number of profiles you can aggregate like this?

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