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Get Support When You Need it Most Via the My CareCrew app

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Cancer unfortunately touches the lives of far too many people, and the diagnosis alone is reason enough to instantly turn a person’s life upside down– thrusting them into an alien world with confusing medical terms and unfamiliar places. 

While doctors and their teams work tirelessly to provide the best care to their patients, the unfortunate reality is that people who suffer from cancer continue to struggle due to a lack of a comprehensive support system. A cancer diagnosis can be a scary, isolating experience, and often people with cancer find that they’re unable to reach out for help when they need it most.

That’s why, given their own similar experiences battling cancer, two friends came together to create My CareCrew: A mobile app designed to help alleviate the daily pain points experienced by cancer patients and their caregivers. Created for patients by patients, the My CareCrew app comes with a host of features that allow patients to ask for help when they need it while staying connected to their friends and family.

The My CareCrew app helps to make the cancer journey a little easier, offering a stronger network of support and a community patients can access to address the many demands of a cancer diagnosis. The app comes with six features including:

Request Help – Most of us have a hard time asking for help, and it’s especially hard when you’re dealing with cancer. The Request Help feature takes the stress out of letting friends and family know what help you need most such as childcare, meals, transportation and more. 

Help Tracker – Cancer is complicated. My CareCrew allows patients to more easily manage the status of the help requests they’ve shared with their loved ones and the help offers their friends and family have shared with them. It can also be used by caregivers as a scheduling tool to keep everyone in the CareCrew informed.

Accept Help Offers – My CareCrew tracks all the help offers submitted by your family and friends, so you can easily choose what help to accept and when.

Wishlist – No more flower bouquets. My CareCrew helps you create a wishlist of products and experiences you need or would love to receive. You can even make your list private, and only share it when the app alerts you that someone would like to offer a gift. The app also makes it easy for loved ones to send donations to cancer patients through the GiftFund feature.

Stay Connected (Chat feature) – The in-app chat feature quickly connects you with friends and family in your CareCrew.

On My Mind – Capture your thoughts, updates, mood and physical symptoms to keep for your records, review with your physician or share with the people you love.

Interested in learning more? The My CareCrew app is making the cancer journey a little more bearable by offering a comprehensive community of support. Visit us at to learn more and try our beta app for free!

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